OASFAA Membership Information

Membership Types:
Active Membership       Active Membership shall be limited to those individuals  actively engaged in the administration of financial aid at an Ohio institution of post-secondary education. Only active members shall have full voting rights and may seek and hold elective office in the Association.
Associate Membership   Associate membership status shall be open to individuals who are engaged indirectly in the administration of financial aid programs, individuals actively engaged in the administration of financial aid programs from outside Ohio, and individuals interested in the purposes of the Association who are approved by the Board of Trustees. Associate Members seeking to be considered Active Members may appeal their status. For additional information, read below.

Questions: contact [email protected]

Appeal for Active Membership Status
The OASFAA Constitution allow for interested individuals who do not meet the requirements for Active Membership Status to petition for consideration as an Active Member of OASFAA. While not expressly stated, it is assumed that the individual submitting a petition will have already demonstrated the qualifications necessary for Associate Membership Status as outlined in the description below. 

Petition for Active Membership Status must be made in writing to the OASFAA Board of Trustees, via submission of the appropriate application materials to the OASFAA Membership Chairperson. The Board will act on requests during their monthly meeting. The Membership Chairperson will inform the petitioner in writing of the Board's decision within one week of the monthly meeting.

A Petition for Active Membership Status must be submitted annually. As is membership to OASFAA, petitions will be considered on an individual basis. A 'blanket' approval for all individuals within any given organization will not be granted.

In order for a Petition for Active Membership Status to be considered, the following documentation must be submitted:
  1. A cover letter on your organization's letterhead outlining the reason(s) you feel your professional responsibilities meet the description of that of Active Membership; and
  2. A copy of your current job description

Submit information above to:

[email protected]