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Welcome to the Financial Aid Resource page for high school counselors! The OASFAA Outreach Committee hopes that you'll find the information on these pages useful in your search to make higher education affordable. Send comments or questions about this information to [email protected]

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The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators(OASFAA) presented an information webinar about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). During this webinar, we made sure attendees have a strong understanding of what the FAFSA is and how critical it is to students who want financial assistance for a postsecondary opportunity. We will dispel common misconceptions, inform you about how to help families get started in the process and share some detailed information on how to complete the form. This "all things FAFSA" webinar will make you a great resource to families in your community.

Recorded presentation (link).

Slide deck only: Ohio Library Council Presentation.pptx


FAFSA Line-by-Line Webinars - New

Students and families need our help now more than ever to get on and stay on track for their postsecondary plans.  Many students need assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) to help cover college expenses.  As part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s (ODHE) enhanced focus on FAFSA completion for our Class of 2022, OASFAA will offer two line-by-line FAFSA training webinars.  These webinars are built for school counselors, teachers, advisors and other education stakeholders who are willing to provided assistance to a student to get this form completed.  These webinars will offer steps related to establishing an FSA ID, completing the FAFSA, understanding the follow-up steps and identify FAFSA resources available for education professionals and students/families. Please register for one of these webinars.  After the webinar, you will be able to download the webinar slides to become a FAFSA expert so that we can build an army of people who can help our students in this time of great need.  

Link to the recorded webinar:  

Recorded presentation (link).

To access the power point deck only, click here.

Financial Aid 201 Webinar 

Financial Aid 201 Webinar - PRESENTED ON MARCH 1, 2022

OASFAA will offer the Financial Aid 201 webinar as we continue to be deep in the financial aid process. Topics covered on this webinar will include the process for submitting financial aid appeals, assisting students with the verification process, helping students understand financial aid offer notifications, the student loan process, financial aid and FAFSA resources and we will cover what the Ohio FAFSA submission rate looks like. Please share this information with your colleagues so that we can help everyone be better prepared to assist students in the financial aid process. Come with your questions and we will get you answers.

Recorded Presentation (link). 

Slide deck onlyOASFAA FA 201 Webinar FINAL.pptx

High School Counselor Workshops

High School Counselor Workshops

OASFAA will be offering five in-person Counselor Workshop and one virtual option in November. These workshops will provide a deep dive on FAFSA updates, federal student aid programs, verification, state aid programs, award letter review and resources available to counselors for assisting students and families with the financial aid process. This workshop will provide extensive information on students with special circumstances and how to complete the financial aid appeal process. The pandemic has caused major economic impacts on our families and we need to be able to support their efforts when family income has had a negative impact. Come join us and bring your financial aid questions.

The coiunselor workshops have concluded.  Feel free to download the power point presentation that is located here: 2021 Counselor Workshop Presentation

 For a recorded version of the website, please click on 2021 Counselor Workshop


Financial Aid 101 Webinar for Newer Counselors

Financial Aid 101 Webinar - NEW

This free webinar is for newer High School, Access, TRiO, and AmeriCorps counselors, as well as any brand new admissions or financial aid counselors. If you are in your first several years assisting high school students through the paying for college process, this webinar will provide an overview of the financial aid programs available to students. The steps that students must take in pursuing financial aid their senior year of high school will also be covered. The webinar was presented on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

Link to the recorded webinar:

Link to the power point deck used in the presentation:

Financial Aid 101 Presentation 2021.pptx





OACAC Articulation Financial Aid Presentation - NEW

As presented on September 10, 2021 by the OASFAA Outreach Committee.

Download the 2021 Articulation Workshop Presentation


College Access and School Counselors Contact Database - NEW 

Register for the College Access and School Counselor Contact Database

  • Benefits of signing up for Counselor Database Listserve:
    • Workshop registration information
    • Counselor event announcements and details
    • Training announcements


High School Financial Aid Night Presenters - NEW

  • Request a Financial Aid Night PresenterThe OASFAA Outreach Committee can help facilitate your school's Financial Aid Night by helping to connect you with local financial aid professionals willing to present at your school.
  • If you are in need of a recorded financial aid night presentation, OASFAA has done a generic presentation that you could share with students and parents during a virtual event or share the link on your school website for families to watch. Here is the recorded Financial Aid Night Presentation. - NEW
    • You will need to use this code to access the video:  Access Passcode: W&Bp1YLk
  • Download Financial Aid Night Presentation - 2022-2023 FA Night OASFAA.pptx.  - NEW

Ohio FAFSA Completions Year over Year - NEW
Click here to see the year over year FAFSA completion percentage, courtesy of our friends at NCAN via their Form Your Future web site.


Counselor Resources - NEW

Planning for College Resources - NEW



Publications - NEW

Feel free to use these publications in your FAFSA completion efforts! If there's something you need that isn't listed below, let us know


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